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One of the most difficult pumping applications is to pump fluids with a changing composition, or viscous or solids laden fluids such as sewage, wastewater, effluent, slurries etc. Choosing a pump for such an application requires a pump that can both deliver a changing pump duty whilst protecting itself from premature failure. Our pump solution are tried, tested and designed for tough applications to last longer and require less maintenance.

"Europe's exclusive distributor of Wastecorp Pumps".

At Atritor Process Pumps we specilialise in pump solutions for viscous and or solids laden fluids such as sewage, wastewater, effluent and slurries etc. We pride ourselves in the product and application expertise that we have to deliver to pump solutions for problem fluids. 

Wastecorp Pumps, founded in 1990, is a privately-owned pump manufacturer with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification specialising in the manufacture of innovative pumping equipment. Pumps that can be found in industries such as agriculture, construction, water and wastewater utilities and environmental to name but a few.

Industries & Applications


If not managed and treated agricultural pollution, can destroy, and kill animals, aquatic life, as well as cause human health problems The management and disposal of farm waste streams can be a major problem, more so when large quantities of animal waste is generated by concentrated animal feeding. We offer water transfer pumps and waste handling products for facilities of any size. Be it for fruit and vegetable growers, livestock and poultry processing facilities, We have the right pump for you


The management of biosolid waste generated from fish feed and fecal waste in land-based fish farming is essential as it is a potential source of pollution. The technology employed is adapted largely from municipal wastewater treatment. As solids settle out from the water it can be collected and removed for disposal by pumps designed to manage sludge and slurry fluid media We offer water and waste handling products for facilities of any size. We have the right pump for you


On sites where there are inadequate slopes for water run-off, or a high-water table, water can accumulate in trenches and excavations. To maintain production as well as provide a safe workplace, contractors will tend to dewater a site using a variety of pump types to remove water, mud, silt or sludge before construction work commences. We have pumps for all your construction requirements

Energy & Power

Process Water is used extensively in power generation for cooling and other process related applications such as transporting waste, operating air pollution control equipment and much more. These processes can also produce significant amounts of wastewater or sludge which have to be treated to remove pollutants before being released back into the atmosphere or into the water course. Our pumps are designed for these applications.

Food & Drink

The wastewater generated from the preparation and processing of fresh produce and animal product into food product is a potential source of pollution To manage costs more companies now operate their own wastewater treatment plants to remove contaminants ,solids and sludge etc. before returning “treated” water back into the water course We offer water and waste handling products for facilities of any size.

General Industry

Pump applications are generally the same industry over. Whilst build materials may address some of the challenges around chemical compatibility, the properties of fluids such as viscosity and solids; size, concentration, fibrous or abrasive nature etc requires greater consideration. From pumping waste to oil transfer, coolant, to food processing and industrial wastewater our pumps are designed for viscous and solid laden fluid applications


Be it road, rail, sea or air, the repair, service and maintenance needs of the transport industry requires pumps for cleaning and wastewater treatment. From pumping waste oil and tanker unloading to septic tank pumping and on-site facility wastewater treatment, our pumps and systems are designed for the pumping of solid laden viscous media and are ideally suited for garages, workshops and service centres through to heavy use, high capacity service and repair centres. We have the products and capabilities to service your needs

Mining Quarrying & Aggregates

Water management and protection is a priority so where possible sites recycle process water for dust suppression, washing aggregates, cleaning and wheel washing etc. All of these applications create fine (abrasive) mineral particles which have to be removed by a natural or industrial clarification process before reuse or being discharge into the water course where it could smother aquatic life, or cause flooding by blocking channels. Our pumps are ideal for cthese applications


Treatment plants are designed to suitably clean wastewater for reuse or to returned it to the water course without fear of polluting it The pumps used in the process can be exposed to organic solids, cleaning agents, sanitary products and other waste such as plastics etc. as well as grit and debris from storm and run off water. Our pumps are designed for these applications

Oil & gas

From the exploration and development of oil or gas reserves to its production and distribution the network of industry segments that power the world’s economy facilitating manufacturing and transportation is as vast and as diverse as the pump types and specification required to keep them operational. From transferring refinery sludge, crude and refined oil to raw water intake and wastewater pump stations we have the right pump for you

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