Industries & Applications

Pump applications are generally the same across each industry sector it’s the composition of the fluid to be pumped that will determine a pump selection. Whilst pump build materials can address some of the challenges around chemical compatibility, it’s the physical properties of fluids such as solids; size, concentration, fibrous and or abrasive, changing viscosity etc requires greater consideration. Our pumps are designed for such applications, they are tried, tested, and designed for difficult applications where fluids can be viscous or solids laden such as sewage, wastewater, effluent, slurries etc. 

Industries & Applications

Agriculture Pumps

Wastecorp manufactures pumps and systems specifically for agriculture markets including farm and ranch fluid handling requirements. We offer water transfer pumps and waste handling pump products for facilities of any size.

Aquaculture Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of pumps and controls for aquaculture including fish farms. Pumps can be used either indoors or outdoors depending on the pump you select.

Construction Pumps

Pumps to transfer debris laden waste and provide fresh water services for the construction industry. We offer specialty trash pump and diaphragm pump models to move wastewater quickly

Energy & Power

Wastecorp offers a variety of solutions to improve fluid handling efficiency for power generation facilities. Wastecorp Pump is a manufacturer of pumps and systems for the power generation industry. We offer high performance pumps

Food & Beverage Processing

Wastecorp Pumps is a manufacturer of specialized pumps for food and beverage processing. We served the packaged food, organic foods, beer, wine and spirits industries

Industrial Pumps

Wastecorp is an industrial pump manufacturer. From waste pumping to oil transfer pumps, coolant, food processing pumps and industrial wastewater, you have the option of a variety of professional grade pumps for your application.

Locomotive & Railway Pumps

Wastecorp is a railway industry pump manufacturer. We manufacture pumps for the needs of transit authorities, locomotive manufacturers, train stations, train maintenance applications and more.

Mining & Aggregate Pumps


Municipal Pumps

Wastecorp is a municipal pump manufacturer specializing in solids handling pumps and high flow water pumps.

Oil & Gas Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps is a proud supplier of pumps to the world's major oil producers. From transferring refinery sludge, crude and refined oil through pipelines, to tank farms or tanker unloading, Wastecorp offers a variety of pumps to withstand

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