HPE Series

Sludge Master® HPE Series plunger pumps are designed to meet the needs of the higher capacity wastewater treatment plants with operating capacities to 2,271.00 L/m and heads to 73.15 meters. HPE Series pumps are similar to our  PE units but incorporate heavier drive components, larger shafts and heavy duty connecting rod assemblies. From primary sewage treatment to digester transfer, belt filter press feed pumps and more you get the original sludge fighting power in your arsenal.

With the HPE plunger pump series you get a team of skilled engineers and factory support representatives who review the specification and suggest pump design ideas to assist the facility in maximizing productivity 

The world’s largest wastewater treatment facilities trust HPE Series heavy duty plunger pumps to pump the millions of gallons of raw sewage and wastewater critical to public sanitation and overall best practices for sewage transfer. 

HPE Series


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