Plunger Pumps

Wastecorp is the OEM manufacturer of Sludge Master Plunger Pumps PE Series, HPE Series, EHPE Series and Space Saver Series.  Sludge Master Plunger Pumps are designed to pump and transfer municipal sewage, industrial waste water containing solids and food processing waste. Plunger Pump technology has advanced to include leak resistant packing, sensors, enhanced materials of construction and pressure switches to provide the ultimate pumping experience for challenging fluid transfer applications.

With a legacy of over 80 years, Wastecorp improves plunger pump technology by engineering innovative upgrades on our newest models and providing spare parts within 24 hours in most areas.
Read our FAQ page for questions and answers about plunger pumps.

Plunger Pumps

PE Series plunger pumps are designed to pump municipal sewage and sludge. The PE Series is also used to pump thicker wastewater in industrial fluid handling and oil refinery sludge applications.

PE Series™
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