Self-Priming Wet Prime Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified wet prime pump manufacturer. Wastecorp's Trash Flow wet prime pumps are available in connection sizes ranging from 2"-12" with fluid handling capabilities up to 5500 GPM. Trash Flow wet prime pumps are designed for municipal and industrial wastewater and solids pumping.

Compare the differences between dry prime and wet prime pumps.

TFCC Series

Stationary self priming centrifugal pumps with connection sizes from 3" - 10"

TFCC-H Series (High Head)

Wastecorp Pumps is a manufacturer of pumps for high discharge head requirements. We work with engineers, end users and pump distributors for high head pumping applications in the municipal, industrial and commercial pump markets.

TFCC-VP Series

Trash Flow TFCC-VP self-priming pump is an advanced high-pressure design capable of displacing liquids at greater pressures than ever before. It can achieve 100% greater pressure and 45% increased flow over our standard TFCC series. An excellent

TFCC-M Series (Engine Driven)

Trash Flow® engine driven trash pumps are powered by diesel engines to provide mu

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