Oil & Gas Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps is a proud supplier of pumps to the world's major oil producers.

From transferring refinery sludge, crude and refined oil through pipelines, to tank farms or tanker unloading, Wastecorp offers a variety of pumps to withstand the demands of the industry.

  • Mud Production » Pumps for slurry and sedimentation transfer applications designed for solids
  • Refinery Sludge Pumps » Pumps to transfer thick slurry and solids laden liquid
  • Oil Pipeline Pumps » Pumps to transfer crude oil
  • Floating Storage and Off-loading Vessel Pumps » Professional grade pumps like dry prime pumps for oil platforms and vessels
  • Wastewater Treatment » Specialized pumps for wastewater treatment at oil refineries and gas processors
  • Storage Tank Pumps » Transfer stored fluids with specialized oil industry pumps 
  • On Shore Oil Production » Specialized wastewater pumps for oil wells and hydraulic fracturing applications

Popular Pumps for Oil, Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing Focused Companies

Hydraulic Fracturing Pumps

Offshore Oil Platform Fluid Management

Offshore Supply Vessel Pumps

Sludge Removal and Oil Extractor Pumps

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